Aseptic tomato paste factory

کارخانه رب اسپتیک

Nab Khorasan Food Industries Company, this time with the opening of a new aseptic tomato paste production line in 2023, we have been able to take a big step in economic and export development and growth and provide quality products to our customers’ market.

Aseptic tomato paste is produced with high quality and Brix 36.38. The biggest demand for aseptic tomato paste is for Russia, Arab countries along the Persian Gulf, etc., where aseptic paste is processed in other factories and sold to the market with a new package.

From now on, domestic and foreign customers who are applying for aseptic tomato paste (bulk tomato paste for export) can contact the sales unit of the collection.



Factory, sales and export office: Iran – Mashhad

  •  Aseptic tomato paste factory
  •  Exported tomato paste

Aseptic tomato paste


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