Chocolate and Toffee

Chocolate in the eyes of nutritionists

The first point in choosing a food product is to pay attention to its nutritional value and health, and since chocolate is one of the products in nutrition science, but there are many ifs in relation to its consumption, to Dr. Kourosh Jafarian, nutritionist and dietitian We went to a treatment to ask them which type of chocolate is more suitable for consumption? And in general, what is the position of this product in terms of nutritional value?

Dr. Kourosh Jafarian, a nutritionist and dietitian, said about the nutritional value of chocolate: “There is a group of chocolates in the market in the form of toffee, which are found in different colors and flavors, and the main composition of this product is sweets that the body needs.” does not have. But the chocolate that is known in the world is the same dark chocolate that is made from cocoa and due to the presence of useful compounds in its structure, it has been considered by health experts. Bitter chocolate contains beneficial compounds such as various fluonides and caffeine. This product also contains sedative compounds that help dilate blood vessels and facilitate blood supply to tissues. Caffeine in chocolate is effective in alertness and increasing energy to the body. Magnesium, zinc and other minerals found in chocolate help keep people healthy.

He added: “Cocoa is able to create rewards in people’s bodies and the person will find a special state of freshness and happiness after consuming it. This happiness is a kind of pleasure.” So chocolate can be both psychologically and psychologically helpful. On the other hand, chocolate is also effective in reducing appetite, and if people consume chocolate in appropriate amounts, not too much, before a meal, their overeating will be greatly reduced. Another point is that people who consume unreasonable sweets such as sugar with tea, by consuming small pieces of dark chocolate with tea can avoid the harms of consuming these products, in addition to the fact that this chocolate has high health benefits.

“Chocolate lowers bad cholesterol,” said the nutritionist. “This product boosts good cholesterol.” I must emphasize that the great benefits of chocolate should not cause excessive consumption, because if it is excessive, it has high side effects. Due to its composition, this product dilates blood vessels, which facilitates blood flow and thus lowers blood pressure. It is therefore effective for patients with high blood pressure; On the other hand, due to the presence of antioxidants in chocolate ingredients, it helps to keep the skin healthy and youthful.

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